Media release

United Australia Party NOT preferencing Greens

United Australia Party Chairman Clive Palmer affirmed today the party would not be preferencing The Greens in the coming election, describing media reports to the contrary as fake news.

Mr Palmer said that at his National Press Club address this week he had responded to a loaded question from an ABC journalist with a tongue-in-cheek reply, noting that The Greens had never been in government so were not directly responsible for the nation’s debt.

“I made a tongue in cheek remark because I was responding to an ABC journalist that, like the ABC, I may preference the Greens before the others. The fact of the matter is the party executive has unanimously agreed that The Greens will be last,” Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer made it clear in the original exchange that Labor, the Liberals and The Greens would occupy the bottom three places of United Australia Party how-to-vote card.

“The comment has been taken wildly out of context and twisted by some media outlets. It is nothing more than fake news,” Mr Palmer said.

“The notion that United Australia Party would preference The Greens is as ludicrous as them giving preferences to us,” he said.

Mr Palmer has already affirmed that neither the Liberals, Labor, Nationals or the Greens would appear on the party’s Senate preference ticket.

“Each individual voter determines how they order their preferences. How-to-vote cards are simply a guide from each party – all the power rests with the voter,” Mr Palmer said.

“All United Australia Party members, supporters or undecided voters can rest assured that the United Australia Party will not be preferencing The Greens.”