Media release

United Australia Party endorses Adelaide candidate

The United Australia Party executive has endorsed Antonio Rea as its candidate for Adelaide for the 2019 federal election.

Born and raised in Adelaide and a beloved North Adelaide supporter, Mr Rea has worked his way around Australia and overseas.

With current experience as a national procurement manager and a long term food service, healthcare and hospitality professional supplying aged care, hospital and remote catering institutions, Mr Rea understands the need for leadership and team work as well as the pressures faced everyday with rising cost of living and exorbitant electricity prices.

As a happily married family man of 20 years with three teenage sons, Mr Rea is passionate about grasping all opportunities, contributing to community and enhancing the education, health and the important wellbeing of every day Australians.

“I can see that Australians have had enough of the approach our politicians take. Politicians are in a bubble and they don’t see real-world pressures everyday Australians face,’’ he said.

“For too long now we have endured politicians acting like children and worrying about what the polls say.  True leadership is about integrity and truly valuing your people and community,” Mr Rea said.