Media release

United Australia Party endorses 42 candidates in NSW

The Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, announced today that the party executive had endorsed 42 candidates to contest NSW lower house seats in the 2019 Federal Election.

Mr Palmer said the party was interviewing further candidates for the few remaining NSW seats, to be announced in the coming weeks.

The endorsed United Australia Party divisions and candidates for NSW are: Barton – Ben Liu; Bennelong – Andrew Marks;  Berowra  – Ignatios Tsiriplis; Blaxland – Mohammed  Ashraf; Bradfield- Marcus Versace; Chifley – Joseph O’Conner; Cook – Bryan Wiseman; Cowper – Alexander Stewart; Cunningham – John McSweyn; Dobell – Aaron Harpley-Carr; Eden-Monaro- Chandra Singh ; Farrer- Mike Rose; Fowler – Joshua Jabbour; Gilmore – Milton Leslight; Grayndler –Paris King-Orsborn; Greenway – Fardin Nikjoo; Hughes -Terrance Keep; Hunter – Paul Davis; Kingsford-Smith – Adam Watson;  Lindsay – Christopher Buttel; Lyne – Garry Bourke; Macarthur -Nathan              Murphy; Mackellar – David Lyon; Macquarie – Tony Pettitt; McMahon – Giovanni Zappia; Mitchell – Mohanadas Balasingham; New England – Cindy Duncun; Newcastle – Geoff Scully; North Sydney – Peter Vagg; Page – John Mudge; Parkes – Petrus Van Der Steen; Parramatta – Ganesh Loke; Paterson – Graham Burston; Reid- Mohammed Yasin; Richmond – Hamish Mitchell; Riverina – Richard Foley; Robertson – Robert Marks; Shortland – Dani Rifai; Sydney – Adam Holt; Watson- Jason Cornelius; Wentworth – Michael Bloomfield and Werriwa – Ho Khoo.

“We are hearing very clearly that people are sick of the same-old, same-old from Liberal and Labor,” Mr Palmer said.

“For the first time Australia has real choice instead of the duopoly that Liberal and Labor have created by voting together to keep other alternatives out of the Federal parliament.

“The established parties talk about helping the country but all they’ve ever done is stifle political alternatives,” Mr Palmer said.

“Unlike them, the United Australia Party is not comprised of career politicians. We are a party made up of genuine Australians who want to serve the country, to change the course of history and steer in a bright new era for Australia.

“Hardworking Australians are looking for an effective alternative and that alternative is the United Australia Party. We will provide the strong leadership, the vision, the policies and the plan to make Australia great,’’ Mr Palmer said.