Media release

Turnbull shows true colours with poor timing of book launch

The former Member for Fairfax in the 44th Parliament, Clive Palmer, said today the timing of Malcolm Turnbull’s book launch was in poor taste.

“Clearly the former PM has attention deficit disorder to be thinking only of himself while the country is focussing on COVID-19,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Everybody else is doing the right thing in delaying events at this difficult time, however Malcolm Turnbull is doing the opposite and busily seeking attention.

“The reality is that people don’t care about Malcolm Turnbull and his attacks on former colleagues,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said the timing of the book launch reflected Malcolm Turnbull’s true colours.

“He obviously still finds it difficult to accept that his own party dumped him as leader, and finds it even more difficult to cope with the fact that Scott Morrison has become Prime Minister,’’ he said.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s desperate attempt to find relevance by attacking former colleagues shows his true character. It would be very difficult for the book to portray any good qualities of Mr Turnbull.

“A failed Prime Minister is best forgotten. Those who dwell on the past fail to prosper in the future,’’ Mr Palmer said.