Media release

Turnbull kidding himself: Palmer

Clive Palmer said today that Malcolm Turnbull was kidding himself if he truly believed he would have retained the role of Prime Minister if he was still leading the Liberal Party.

“Turnbull has never been loyal to those who supported him. He is not interested in Australia or Australians, only himself,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said the former PM’s reputation had been forever tarnished through his involvement in the collapse of insurance giant HIH which saw thousands of Australians left with worthless policies.

“For too long Malcolm Turnbull was simply masquerading as Prime Minister.

“He was a chameleon who changed his colours and stripes every day. He doesn’t know what he believes in and even when he thinks he does, he changes his mind the next day.

“He is God’s gift to whatever he thinks, just ask him,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“His days of a politician are over, he should go and write a book about how good he thinks he is.

“The truth is we know Bill Shorten had his downfalls but let me tell you Malcolm Turnbull certainly had many as well.

“I would not have spent tens of millions of dollars knocking Bill Shorten if the Australian people had Turnbull as the leader of the Liberal Party,’’ Mr Palmer said.