Shining Light on MP’s Theft Took Political Courage: Clive Palmer

Media release

Independent candidate Scott Elms had shown political courage in revealing Queensland MP David Gibson was allegedly guilty of stealing $7000 while in the army, says Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer.

“Courage in politics is a rare commodity,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“In the Gibson affair, Scott Elms has shown that he is not afraid to shine the light on injustice when he sees it.

“He has demonstrated strong character in revealing the truth because he believes Queenslanders have a right to know who they are voting for.

“Scott Elms and his family now face persecution yet it wasn’t Scott Elms who created false invoices worth $7000.

“It wasn’t Scott Elms who pleaded guilty in order to avoid a conviction being recorded and it wasn’t Scott Elms who assumingly failed to declare his shady past when he gained pre-selection.”

Mr Gibson, the Member for Gympie, has stepped down as chairman of the Queensland Parliamentary Select Ethics Committee over the matter.

“This is another sad indictment on Campbell Newman’s totally dysfunctional government,” Mr Palmer said.

“Newman’s days must surely be numbered.’’