Tougher laws needed on synthetic drugs: Glenn Lazarus

Media release

Leader of the Queensland Senate team for the Palmer United Party, Glenn Lazarus, today called on all politicians to take a united stand against synthetic drugs.

Mr Lazarus said the Palmer United Party strongly supported tougher laws on synthetic drugs which have been linked to a spate of deaths around Australia.

He said the unknown ingredients in synthetic drugs made them extremely dangerous.

“An immediate overhaul of the drug laws are needed to either ban synthetic drugs from sale or at the very least introduce stringent labelling requirements so people are aware of what is in them and what the dangers are,’’ he said.

“At present the industry is growing unchecked at a rapid rate, jeopardising the health and wellbeing of people in our communities and, most worryingly, the lives of young Australians.

“All politicians need to come out very strongly against synthetic drugs before another tragedy occurs,’’ he said.

Presently synthetic versions of dangerous drugs including cannabis, cocaine and LSD can be bought at various tobacconists, adult stores and over the internet.