Abbott needs to show leadership with sexist MPs: Clive Palmer

Media release

Former LNP life member and national living treasure, Clive Palmer, has called on Tony Abbott to show some leadership in light of the sexist menu at a Liberal Party fundraising dinner.

Mr Palmer said Tony Abbott should dis-endorse Mal Brough and severely reprimand Joe Hockey as a result of the derogatory menu.

“This kind of disgusting behaviour degrades women and confirms the misogyny embedded within the Liberal party,” Mr Palmer said.

“Tony Abbott needs to show leadership on this issue and if he does not act it confirms he is a misogynist.

“All Australians should respect women, they offer a massive contribution to our nation and regardless of personal or party opinions of Julia Gillard, she too deserves respect.

“Males especially owe it to their mothers, wives, daughters and sisters to show respect to women.

Mr Palmer said all money raised from the Liberal party function should be donated to a women’s refuge.