Media release

Russel Sewell appointed Shadow Treasurer for United Australia Party

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has announced the appointment of business owner Russel Sewell as Shadow Treasurer.

Raised in Perth and with qualifications in software automation, Mr Sewell has worked internationally in Hong Kong and China.

He is an active participant in community and local issues, including illegal dumping, environmental management and urban planning.

When just 26 years of age, Mr Sewell was assigned to establish an overseas office and undertake business in the People’s Republic of China, signing a multi-million dollar contract the following year.

He is a strong believer in equality and fairness across genders and races as well as an equitable taxation system that will treat all Australians fairly.

“I want to see a better and more reliable banking system that will benefit customers and not just bank executives and shareholders,’’ Mr Sewell said.

“There should be greater emphasis on industry and investigation of processing our mineral and raw material wealth for the great benefit of all Australians,’’ he said.

Mr Sewell is a United Australia Party Senate candidate in WA.

Clive Palmer said hardworking Australians were looking for an effective alternative and that alternative was the United Australia Party.

“We will provide the strong leadership, the vision, the policies and the plan to make Australia great again,’’ he said.