Rudd and Abbott lying to Australia: Clive Palmer

Media release

The economic outlook for Australia is bleak under either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott as their poor policies and lies have robbed us of the future we deserve, says Clive Palmer, federal leader of the Palmer United Party.

“Rudd and Abbott are not interested in a better Australia, they are only interested in being elected and serving their own self-interests,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Australia’s economic outlook is miserable as a result of existing policy and it won’t change if the Liberals win government because they have nothing new to offer.

“The debates and grandstanding from these two leaders are nothing more than cliché-filled charades and Australians have every right to be fed up.

“At the Palmer United Party launch at Coolum this Sunday we will outline a solution to deliver real prosperity to this country and its people.

“Our policies to get this country moving again will be based in principle on the kind of economic management I have applied to my own successful companies.

“Rudd and Abbott have no economic experience and their answer to everything is to raise taxes and slash services.

“Australia needs someone in charge with a common-sense approach to how business works, which is what the Palmer United Party can deliver.

“My hair may not be as silky as Mr Rudd’s and my body not as toned as Mr Abbott’s but my solutions learned from the university of hard knocks will reveal that Australia, once again, can be the lucky country,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The Palmer United Party is the only party to have nominated candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats at the September 7 election.