Labor and Liberal Controlled by Foreign Interests: Clive Palmer

Media Release

Both Labor and Liberal were being controlled by high-powered foreign entities, ensuring Australia’s two-party duopoly remained the status quo, says federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer.

Mr Palmer said the ALP had engaged the services of US President Barack Obama’s political strategists while the Liberals had US citizen Rupert Murdoch in their corner, with the media mogul giving his full support to Tony Abbott.

“Our two major parties have pulled out the big guns to maintain the status quo of the two party system and their own self-interests,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Furthermore, Australia’s public broadcaster, the ABC, grants free airtime to these two parties which is hardly surprising given the Government controls the Board.

“Labor and Liberal are being allowed to maintain their stranglehold on Australian politics unchallenged and the voters deserve better.’’

Mr Palmer said disapproval ratings of greater than 50 per cent for both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott showed the Australian public was screaming out for an alternative.

“However, because of current measures, all we are getting is the Abbott and Rudd show which we all know is one in the same thing,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Elections should be about ideas, not people. Only the Palmer United Party can reinvigorate this country with fresh ideas and common-sense policies to get us moving again.’’

The Palmer United Party is the only party to have nominated candidates in all 150 House of Representative seats at the September 7 election.