Media release

Palmer wishes aging rocker a comfortable retirement

Clive Palmer has responded to the latest round of insults from Twisted Sister’s front man Dee Snider by wishing the aging rocker all the best in his retirement.

“As an aging rocker with an affinity for wigs, he is obviously still trying to gain notoriety so people will come to his concerts.

“He should be careful about pointing the finger at people because the song he is apparently so protective of was not an original work of his, rather a rip-off of the centuries-old Christmas carol ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’.

“If Mr Snider thinks he has a case, then there is a court system to deal with such matters. I believe his legal advice has stated there is no merit in it, and he should not be misleading the Australian public,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said he wished the 80s hair metal star no malice.

“As a senior citizen of the USA, I hope his tour earns him enough money for a comfortable retirement.

“Australians aren’t going to cop it …………. anymore,’’ he said.