Media release

Palmer urges Government to pay back donations from Chinese nationals

As the former biggest donor to the Liberal Party, Clive Palmer said all political donations made by Chinese nationals should be repaid immediately.

“Australians must now be asking what bearing these donations had on past decisions made by parliamentarians who have been beneficiaries of foreign donations,” Mr palmer said.

“We know that former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari resigned from parliament due to links with the Chinese.

“And now we have discovered that Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo, who has donated at least $2 million to Australian political parties, has had his right to return to Australia cancelled.

“Previously ASIO warned Australian political parties about accepting money from Mr Huang because of fears he may be trying to advance Beijing’s interests.

“Clearly, for the sake of transparency, honest governance and a fair playing field, the money needs to be paid back immediately.

“Scott Morrison’s response that the money was accepted in good faith and the responsible thing to do now was to comply with the new laws on foreign donations is simply not good enough.

“Obviously the new laws regarding foreign donations do not go far enough, if this was able to happen.

“Only the United Australia Party will stand to protect Australia’s interests and put Australians first,’’ Mr Palmer said.