Palmer United to Abstain From Voting on Legislation until Government Chaos Ends

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and member for Fairfax Clive Palmer says his party Senate team will abstain from voting on any legalisation proposals until Government chaos ended.

“The Government’s proposals seem to change daily,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The policies are not consistent, party in-fighting and conflict is ongoing and as a result our party has decided as a bloc in the Senate to abstain from voting on any legislation proposals.”

Mr Palmer said it would not be responsible to vote on new laws when the Government appeared to have its foundations laid down on quicksand.

He also said serious questions needed to be asked in relation to Liberal Party honorary federal treasurer Phil Higginson’s call for greater transparency in the party’s financial accounts.

“How can a party receive millions of dollars in donations and not provide a full set of accounts?” Mr Palmer said.

“Serious questions need to be asked about where these funds have been spent.

“For the Palmer United Party to vote on any proposals, the chaos needs to be resolved or we will abstain until the next election,’’ Mr Palmer said.