Palmer United Party Has No Interest in Katter Party

Media release

The Palmer United Party federal leader and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, today reaffirmed there was no interest in a merger with Katter’s Australian Party in Queensland.

“As members of parliament, members of the Palmer United Party have an obligation to talk to all members of parliament in the public interest,” Mr Palmer said.

“But under no circumstances will the Palmer United Party merge with the Katter Party.

“The Palmer United Party will stand candidates in all Katter held seats in North Queensland.

“The truth is the Katter party has few members and little resources and, as recent elections have shown, no public support.

“The Katter party is desperate to attract publicity and will say anything to get it.

“The Palmer United Party has no interest in the Katter party.

“It’s a party of the past.

“All Queenslanders who want stable government in Queensland should vote for the Palmer United Party.”