Palmer United Party to Fight to Return GST to WA

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, says the party is committed to fight for West Australians and ensure the state receives its deserved share of GST revenue.

Campaigning in Perth today with the Palmer United Party WA Senate team ahead of Saturday’s Senate re-election, Mr Palmer said the GST ‘rip off’ had contributed to WA losing its triple A credit rating.

Mr Palmer said around 60 per cent of all GST collected in WA goes to the eastern states.

“The Liberal Party is primarily responsible for this happening,” he said.

“It was under a Liberal prime minister and a Liberal premier that it was decided to put the interests of people living in Sydney and Melbourne ahead of the interests of all West Australians.

”WA has now lost its triple A credit rating because its revenue won’t sustain its debts.”

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party WA Senate team of Dio Wang, Des Headland and Chamonix Terblanche were committed to reclaiming WA’s lost GST.

“The Palmer United Party will use its position holding the balance of power in the Senate to fight for the return of WA’s GST,” he said.

“WA Liberal and Labor members of parliament must support Palmer United in the fight to return WA’s GST.

“This election is about WA being in the balance of power. A vote for Liberal and a vote for Labor won’t change a thing.

“WA must vote for the Palmer United Party in the Senate. The Palmer United Party is the last sentry at the gate for WA.”