Palmer United Party Considers Joining DLP in High Court Action Over Senator Resignation

Media statement from national director of the Palmer United Party, Peter Burke

BRISBANE: The Palmer United Party can confirm today that discussions with the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have commenced in relation to joining the DLP in a high court action over the recent resignations of Senators Glenn Lazarus (PUP) and John Madigan (DLP).

The Palmer United Party received more than 250,000 votes above the line in the last Federal Senate election and only 6770 votes went below the line to Glenn Lazarus.

Clearly voters put the Palmer United Party before Mr Lazarus and we do not believe he holds the seat on his own merits.

Australians have had enough of politicians saying one thing before an election and then acting differently once voted in.

Mr Lazarus said prior to the last federal election that he would be part of Palmer United and lead our team. We believe he has misled the party.

It is for this reason we are considering joining the Democratic Labour Party’s high court challenge which it has launched against Senator John Madigan in a bid to have him evicted from the Australian Parliament.

Senator Madigan announced his resignation from the party last September and has continued in the Senate as an independent.

The Palmer United Party believes the DLP position in this matter has merit.