Palmer United Party Announces Vimal Sharma as Canning By-election Candidate

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, has today announced business executive Vimal Sharma as the Palmer United Party’s candidate to contest the Canning by-election.

Mr Palmer said Vimal Sharma has worked with industry, business and governments domestically and internationally for more than 30 years.

“Mr Sharma has the guts to stand up for Western Australians,” he said.

“He is a family man who believes Western Australia is getting a raw deal and Mr Sharma is committed to standing up for Western Australians.

“WA has propped up the Eastern seaboard of Australia with $3.6 Billion of GST revenue and both Liberal and Labor voted for this to happen.”

Mr Sharma said only Palmer United has stood to protect our GST revenue staying in WA.

He said it’s time Western Australians stood up to the politicians of major parties and sent a clear message that GST raised in WA needs to stay in WA.

“I’m thrilled to be preselected as the Palmer United Party candidate for the Canning by-election,” Mr Sharma said.

“It’s time that we elect politicians who are going to stand up for Western Australians and who are committed to serving their constituents. I have decided to put my hand up and to run for Parliament because I want to make a stand.

“I want to make a stand for Western Australians who are losing opportunities and funds because of the eastern states’ grip on the GST profits from WA.

“I want to make a stand against untrustworthy politicians who have their snout in the trough, ripping off their community by taking advantage of the public purse. The two parties need a kick in the backside.”

Mr Sharma said Western Australians also need to protect our living and wage structure, which is now under threat by the Abbott Government’s Free Trade Agreement.

“I’m fed up with the entire system and believe that together with Clive Palmer, Senator Dio Wang and the Palmer United Party we can all vote to make a difference and show how we feel about Liberal and Labor at the Canning by-election polls,” he said.