Palmer United now has sights on LNP in Queensland: Clive Palmer

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, says the party will heavily target the LNP government from now until the next Queensland poll following its strong debut at the federal election.

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party achieving 11 per cent of the primary vote in Queensland in last weekend’s federal poll will give it plenty of momentum for the next state election in 2015.

He said the party would contest the 2015 election under the name of the United Australia Party, which the Australian Electoral Commission refused to register for the federal poll.

“The Palmer United Party achieved outstanding success in Queensland at the federal poll just eight weeks after it was registered by the AEC and with our policies only released during the last fortnight of the campaign,” Mr Palmer said.

“If the 28 per cent primary vote I received contesting the seat of Fairfax at the federal election is replicated statewide, then we will mount a serious challenge to Campbell Newman’s LNP government in 2015.”

The United Australia Party is already represented in the Queensland parliament through state leader Alex Douglas and deputy Carl Judge.

“Queenslanders can’t wait for the next state election to punish Campbell Newman with their votes for his government selling our schools and hospitals and outsourcing services,” Mr Palmer said.

“Since he won office nearly 18 months ago, Mr Newman has been continually slashing essential services and sacking staff.

“He has been running Queensland down with poor economic management and savage cuts to public sector jobs and budget spending. We will clean up his mess.”