Clive Palmer Formally Requests Recount in Fairfax

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, has called for a recount in the seat of Fairfax due to suspected major voting discrepancies.

Mr Palmer said he had formally requested the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) recount votes in the Sunshine Coast electorate of Fairfax due to the evidence of alleged vote tampering and irregularities with the counting process.

He said concerns centred on advice from the Divisional Returning Officer for Fairfax, David McKenzie, that 768 House of Representatives pre-poll ballot papers for the Coolum booth did not have corresponding Senate pre-poll ballot papers.

Mr Palmer said the AEC further advised that it wanted the discrepancy to be counter-balanced by 768 Senate pre-poll ballot papers that had been identified for the Buderim booth which did not have corresponding House of Representative pre-poll ballot papers.

“Although I still hold a slender lead in Fairfax at this time, I have formally requested the AEC undertake a recount due to the evidence we have found of major voting discrepancies,” he said.

“It would seem on the basis of the evidence that a fraud has been committed and that the AEC is now seeking to cover up this matter by creating and/or transferring ballots between booths.”

Mr Palmer said postal votes and pre-poll votes were also favouring his LNP opponent Ted O’Brien by an implausibly large ratio and the integrity of the process had been marred by lax or non-existent security over precast ballots.

“Massive evidence is mounting to suggest this election has been rigged,’’ Mr Palmer said.