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Palmer rejects ‘developer’ characterisation by ECQ

Palmer Leisure Australia has rejected the characterisation of its owner, Clive Palmer, that he is a property developer under the Electoral Act.

“My companies have lodged one development application since 2015, that was six years ago,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The relevant provision in the Act says that an entity or person who regularly lodges applications is deemed to be a developer.

“Everyone knows that my main business is mining, not development, and that neither myself nor my companies have lodged a new development application since the ban on developer donations became law,’’ he said.

“The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) office is run by the ALP and the minister is abusing his powers and wasting millions of dollars on legal costs.

“The ALP has form. Look what they did in WA, they simply change laws with draconian measures. Their actions aren’t fair, they are repugnant,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to take control of rogue ministers in her Cabinet. It will be revealed that pressure has been placed on the ECQ to take this matter to Court.

“This will only highlight how stupid these people are and the huge amount of tax payer funds they are happy to waste.

“Their case is hopeless and I’m sure we will see this matter struck out,’’ Mr Palmer said.