Newman Running Scared

Media release

Campbell Newman has called an early election in Queensland during the holiday period to avoid the fallout from the Senate Inquiry into the activities of his LNP Government, says Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer.

“The real story behind Mr Newman calling the election during the vacation period is that Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald sought earlier this week to have a meeting to disband the Senate Inquiry while its chairman Senator Glenn Lazarus was on holidays in the United States,” Mr Palmer said.

“Labor and other Senators moved to stop this sneaky move from Senator Macdonald.”

Mr Palmer said the LNP and Premier Newman have panicked by calling an election for January 31 during the holiday period to avoid serious breaches of public law and trust.

“The Newman Government is running scared calling an early election in the holiday period with a short campaign period,” he said.

“Serious questions need to be asked about what the Government has to hide? What prosecutions will they face following the Senate Inquiry’s report to federal parliament. I’m informed there a number of alleged corruption submissions to come before the inquiry.”

Mr Palmer said Queenslanders can send Tony Abbott a clear and strong message by getting rid of Campbell Newman and the LNP and restore honesty and integrity to government

“For 40 years I have been active in politics and business but I have never been subject to unprecedented harassment and attention this Government has put on myself, my businesses and my staff,” he said.

“It’s time to say goodbye Campbell Newman as he will do every unscrupulous thing under the sun to hold onto power at all costs. This is a dangerous time for all Queenslanders but also a chance for renewal of the state’s objectives.”

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party and its state leader John Bjelke-Petersen and the party’s election candidates were focussed on building the state’s economy, creating jobs and providing opportunities for local industries.

“The Palmer United Party will not bow to threats and will do all it can to restore honesty in government for all Queenslanders,” he said.