Indian Government Revokes Adani Authority to Run Indian Ports

Media Release

Queensland leader of the Palmer United Party, John Bjelke-Petersen, says the Indian Government has taken steps to revoke Adani from running an Indian Port yet Campbell Newman wants Adani to develop and operate the port at Abbot Point.

Mr Bjelke-Petersen said Mr Newman and his LNP government were funneling hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to support Adani’s coal in the Galilee Basin.

Mr Bjelke-Petersen said the project isn’t viable and Adani hasn’t been able to raise finances itself for the construction of the project in the Galilee Basin.

“This is an LNP stunt, spruiking that jobs will be created from this project in the lead up to the January 31 state election by citing the Galilee Basin as a major source of future new jobs,” he said.

“How can the Newman government funnel hundreds of millions of dollars towards Adani’s project when the Indian government is seeking to stop it from operating a port there?”

Mr Bjelke-Petersen said it was scandalous and an outrage that Queensland taxpayers are funding Adani when the company has lost support from its own national government.

“The LNP has destroyed jobs in Queensland over the past three years to the point where the state has one of the worst unemployment rates in Australia,” he said.

“Now Mr Newman is trying to dupe Queenslanders by claiming he’ll create jobs in the Galilee Basin by giving a foreign company taxpayers’ money despite the fact they are unlikely to ever get their project off the ground. It’s a scandal.”


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