Media Should Represent Diversity of People: Clive Palmer

Media Release

The Australian media’s failure to properly represent human diversity was a major reason newspaper circulation was in decline according to federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer.

Mr Palmer said his party’s three elected senators, Glenn Lazarus (Qld), Jacqui Lambie (TAS) and Dio Wang (WA) had been unfairly targeted by journalists because they did not fit the mould of traditional politicians.

“These people have been elected by the Australian people because they offer something refreshing and different from the two-party system that has dominated politics for too long,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Instead of recognising and applauding diversity, the media has set about to undermine their efforts and credibility.

“The media has taken aim at them because they are not part of the two-party system despite the fact that standing up against that very system is what earned them political success.

“It is time for the Australian media, particularly the print media, to take an impartial role, put the beat-ups to bed and stop writing unsourced opinion pieces that masquerade as news.

“No wonder newspaper circulation is in free-fall. It is a simple result of readers being fed up with poor-quality journalism.

“When quality improves, so too will readership. This is the challenge for media owners today,’’ he said.