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McGowan admits WA borders are closed for economic reasons

Clive Palmer has accused WA Premier Mark McGowan of a stunning about-face by finally admitting his hard border stance is for economic reasons.

Mr Palmer criticised the Premier’s latest defence of the closure saying he was motivated by keeping cashed up West Australians locked up in his own state.

In the media today Mr McGowan was quoted as saying:  “The other states want us to open the border so that West Australian tourists will flow east,” he said.

“We have higher incomes, we have people that are more used to travelling, and therefore will have more tourists go from Western Australia to the east.

“They’re not advocating for it for any other reason than they want to see West Australian incomes spent in Sydney or Brisbane or wherever it might be.”

Mr Palmer said the WA Premier was not interested in reuniting Australia.

“I have always maintained that Mark McGowan closed the borders for economic reasons. He wants to separate WA from the rest of Australia,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“WA is persisting with its hard borders yet it has the second highest number of growing cases behind Victoria.

“Today there are zero active cases of COVID-19 in Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. There are only five in Queensland and no hotspots

“There is no reason why WA should not immediately open its borders to the states where the virus is under control,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“All Western Australians must now be a wake up to Mark McGowan. He doesn’t want Australia united.

“I’m confident the when this issue gets to the High Court the borders will be opened so we can trade between States again and get the Australian economy moving.”