Media release

Mark McGowan cover-up : Clive palmer

Mark McGowan’s actions over the past two months have been a concerted effort to cover up his personal involvement in breaking the law. People must question why his Government has passed an Act which provided him and others with an exemption from criminal law.

Why was the Act passed in the Western Australian parliament which takes away the rights of the press and the Western Australian public to make FOI applications to find out what McGowan did?

The question for Western Australians is what did McGowan do to cause, as the Attorney General said, $30 billion dollars of lability for the State of Western Australia?  Why should McGowan or anyone else be exempt from the criminal law?

As well as seeking to destroy the rights of individuals and protect politicians from criminal law, the Act bans citizens taking to court any matter associated with the events and acts that caused the State to inflict substantial pain and damage on International Minerals and Mineralogy.  I am not and have never been a party to the arbitration. Why did McGowan attack me personally?

International Minerals was and ASX publicly-listed company with over 5,000 mum and dad shareholders. Any action by a state government to destroy the livelihoods of any of those people should not be beyond examination.

It is my position that McGowan personally destroyed their project. McGowan has focussed on the role of Colin Barnett.  It was Mark McGowan that acted beyond the power of the Government. The questions must be asked, did he do it to assist a foreign power? Did he act against Australia’s interest? Is that why he must be exempted from the criminal law?

With the Federal Court deciding matters of fact and their judgement likely to be made on 24 August, 2020, what was the emergency to get the Act passed in one day? Was it a State emergency or a Mark McGowan emergency?

Why does the Act purport to take from me and every citizen their rights for natural justice, their rights to have proper legal process in their own country? The act is more akin to the laws of China than Australia.

Why did McGowan provide for the Act to destroy the two Awards made by former High Court Judge Michael McHugh? Both Awards were against the Western Australian Government. Why was it that the Western Australian Supreme Court also ruled against the Western Australian Government?

Why was it that the Chief Law Officer of Western Australia and barrister of the Supreme Court of Western Australia, John Quigley, did not support the rule of law?

Betrayal of the rule of law and exemptions from the criminal law is not what Australia is about. In 1972 Richard Nixon won a landslide victory in the Presidential Election. He, like McGowan, had great public support. Nixon directed the greatest criminal cover up in history but he, unlike McGowan, was not supposedly exempt from the criminal law.

Eventually the High Court of Australia will decide the validly of the Act. In Australia we enjoy the separation of powers and the rule of law. The law has served our country well, it protects our values.  We have to fight to protect it.

God bless Australia.

Clive Palmer