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Malcom Turnbull: More Bull than True

At both by-elections since Malcom Turnbull was elected Prime Minister, the government has experienced major swing against it. First in the seat of Canning, where the swing was 6.8 percent against the government, and then more recently in the seat of North Sydney, where the swing was 13 percent against the government.

Yet in the News Limited press and other media, Turnbull is supposed to have overwhelming support. It just doesn’t add up.

It’s a great time to be an Australian, Turnbull tells us, but it is hardly a great time for the 954,000 unemployed Australians and their families, or the millions on low income support or low income super.

Turnbull was clear from the start that he was there to implement Tony Abbott’s policy. Tony Abbott decided to hang around to contest the next election. If Turnbull decides to retire after next election and collect his investments in the Cayman Islands before moving to his apartment in New York to retire, Tony could be our next Prime Minister and implement the rest of his policy including the 2014 budget.

It is clear that the majority of the government, which includes the Nationals, support Abbott. Like all politicians, they first support their election.

Not a bad deal in your sixties to be given the Prime Ministership, even if only for 18 months, provided you don’t change policy, smile a lot and make announcements.

But it is still a cold winter in Tasmania, in the Latrobe Valley, in Elizabeth and in Redfern, in Western Queensland, and in the hearts of the men and women of Australia who have faith in our country and all it could be.

Clive F. Palmer
Federal Leader of the Palmer United Party
Federal Member for Fairfax