Labor and LNP looking in a mirror

Media Release

Palmer United Candidate for Mirani, Michael Hall, has set the cross hairs on the Liberal National Party’s candidate John Kerslake to come clean regarding his party repeatedly dodging the asset lease buyback issue.

Mr Hall said Mr Kerslake should answer the question regarding their plans for the future rather than leaving voters in the dark on the controversial issue.

“Once again the LNP is attempting to cloak their plans by remaining tight lipped assuming this pressing issue will pass without scrutiny in the lead up to the 31 January poll,” Mr Hall said.

“It’s the right of Queenslanders to receive transparency on party policies, however the LNP candidate remains untested on his party’s intentions,” said Mr Hall.

Mr Hall compared the sheepish actions of the LNP to former Labor Premier Anna Bligh, who said the party didn’t decide to sell assets until after the election.

“The Labor Party Leader commented that they are opposed to leasing assets, but they certainly proved that deceit when they tried to sell them when in office,” Mr Hall said.

Mr Hall said: “Queenslanders just want the truth; no smoke and mirrors, just honest politics.

“The Palmer United Party can stabilise the state without the sale or leasing of assets.

We will encourage investment with the abolition of the Payroll Tax and further reduce the cost of electricity for all Queenslanders,” he said.

He said both the LNP and Labor have a history of deceiving Queenslanders, but the Palmer United Party offers renewed hope for the state.

“If voters are happy with the current economic climate and the prospect of the LNP and Labor continuing to sell off the State’s crown jewels, then they should continue to vote for them. But if they want to see a revitalised state with uncapped opportunity, vote for the Palmer United Party this election.”