Media release

Labor ignores North Queensland

United Australia Party federal senate candidate for Queensland, Martin Brewster, said Labor could not be trusted to deliver much needed infrastructure improvements for North Queensland.

Mr Brewster recently met with mayors of the North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) where the six point plan for a better deal for North West Queensland communities was discussed.

“Number one on the six point plan is fair funding for roads. I have recently driven on the Flinders Highway, Burke Development Road and National Highway between Normanton and Cairns and the roads are a disgrace,’’ Mr Brewster said.

“Portions of these roads are still single lane, roads in general are in poor standard and severe flood damage has recently occurred.”

Other points in the plan included the vital services of power policy, water infrastructure, dams, telecommunications as well as sustainable population incentives.

“Coinciding with the launch of the six point plan, Labor has announced a $10 billion suburban rail loop for Bill Shorten’s home town of Melbourne,’’ Mr Brewster said.

“This is on top of $5 billion towards a Melbourne airport rail link and $2 billion towards a high-speed rail line linking Melbourne and Geelong.

“So much for our North West Queensland communities who struggle to scratch out an existence with second rate infrastructure and declining population.

“Labor only cares about winning votes and looking after the big cities, $17 Billion for Melbourne and not $1 for regional Queensland,” Mr Brewster said.