Media release

James McDonald appointed United Australia Party’s Shadow Education Minister

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has announced the appointment of the party’s WA Senate candidate leader and National Director James McDonald as Shadow Education Minister.

Mr McDonald has extensive international business experience and has been involved in many high profile mergers and acquisitions.

He worked with major global brands such as Facebook, General Motors, Agricultural Bank of China and Petrobras co-ordinating their marketing, communications and logistics being directly involved in raising over US$150bn.

“Investing in education is one of the most important things we can do for Australia,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“This is a critical time in our history. Already, a huge number of people have withdrawn support and lost confidence in the Liberal and Labor duopoly that is dragging the country down.

“That number is growing rapidly because the Liberals and Labor continually show how out of touch they are with the people they were elected to represent.”

“Hardworking Australians are looking for an effective alternative and that alternative is the United Australia Party.

“We will provide the strong leadership, the vision, the policies and the plan to make Australia great again,’’ he said.