Media release

Jackie Trad greener than Greens: Palmer

Clive Palmer says Jackie Trad is to blame for Labor’s poor showing in Queensland, labelling the Treasurer and Deputy Premier greener than the Greens.

“Jackie Trad needs to take responsibility for Labor’s poor showing in central Queensland where she ensured the Labor Party would not support coal mining in this state,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The result was Labor in Queensland only polled at 22%.

“Jackie Trad is greener than the Greens and let’s face it, the Greens are chaotic.”

Mr Palmer said Ms Trad should get out of the way and let Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk lead Labor or face the prospect of following Bill Shorten to the ash pile of politics.

“Bill was shifty, Jackie is just simple and not in touch with Queenslanders,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“She now stands united in allowing Adani to mine yet hasn’t stood up for any Queensland company trying to achieve the same outcome.

“Queensland needs coal mining and jobs, it’s a pity a Jackie Trad Labor won’t allow it,’’ he said.