Glenn Lazarus Poor on Teamwork: Clive Palmer

Media release

Clive Palmer has criticised Glenn Lazarus’s decision to establish his own political party, saying the Palmer United Party defector had no idea about teamwork.

“Glenn Lazarus does not know what it is like to be on a proper team,’’ said the Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax.

“He deserted the Palmer United Party, betraying all those who voted for our party and our many members who worked so hard to get their representative elected in Queensland,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said he and Western Australian Senator Dio Wang were part of a team with Glenn Lazarus and were still together.

“Glenn Lazarus will be solitary figure who plays solitaire in his office all day long,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said the Glenn Lazarus Team was being set up for the sole purpose of securing an income for his wife, Tess Lazarus.
“Team Lazarus will follow a tradition of sports related failures in politics like Mel Meninga and The Australian Sports Party in WA, which got less than 1% of the vote,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“What I and many Australians find most disappointing is a politician saying one thing before an election and then doing something entirely different once elected.

“Glenn Lazarus received only 6000 votes at the last election while the Palmer United Party received in excess of 250,000. He then deserts the team and the constituents who voted for it when it got too hot on the field.

“He chose self-interests and now chooses to have his own party using public funding,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Too many politicians have their snout in the trough.”

Mr Palmer said Mr Lazarus was still to repay the $6 million that Palmer United spent on him being elected.

“Glenn Lazarus knows what was in the Party’s constitution and his obligations to the Party. He has showed himself to be unreliable and speaking with a forked tongue.

“The Australian public should be warned that Team Lazarus won’t help Australians but is designed to help the Lazarus family only,” Mr Palmer said.