Media release

Frecklington’s attack an abuse of human rights: Palmer

Clive Palmer said today it was an abuse of human rights for Queensland opposition leader Deb Frecklington to be attacking his staff.

“My companies do not employ people based on their political leanings. I employ people on their ability to add ideas, value and productivity to my companies,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said that his staff had political freedom and political choice.

“An individual’s political choice has nothing to do with employment within any of my companies.

“If they choose to vote for Annastacia Palaszczuk, it is a choice which I respect,’’ he said.

“The opposition leader Deb Frecklington shouldn’t be attacking my staff. It is an abuse of human rights.

“Each Australian has the right to work and contribute to society. They should be free to enjoy political independence and freedom of political association,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Anyone who attacks one of my employees runs the risk of being brought to account before the human rights commissioner.

“The workers of Queensland and Australia should be free to enhance their careers and not be in fear of employment ramifications because of their political associations or beliefs.

“People associated with political parties do so by virtue of that party not because of their employment.  Likewise, people who hold positions within a company do so by virtue of that company.

“History will show you that I engaged with the former Labor deputy premier, Jim Elder, in the past. He brought an excellent skill set, as does Larry Anthony.

“A good government needs good leaders. We need leaders that will bring us together so we can achieve all we can be, leaders who can set a clear political and economic agenda,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It is disappointing that Deb Frecklington needs to use my name to gain publicity for her own notoriety.”