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Equity in parliament the essence of true democracy: Jen Sackley

United Australia Party Secretary for North Queensland, Jen Sackley, has spoken out about women in politics saying Australia would never be a true democracy until there was equity in parliament.

“The Australian political scene is not just a male dominated cesspool, but also one comprising female political war horses  who lack the fortitude to make the necessary changes,’’ Ms Sackley said.

“In my opinion, the political landscape in Australia, while dominated by suits from the time of its conception, are suits who are often supported by women who play the gender card.

“Women are either leaving the LNP in droves or being driven into seats by the male-dominated old guard of ALP where they have no chance of winning.

“While politicians fight each other over this age old debate, they continue to create a smoke screen covering the reality that neither party really values women.

“Many of the political war horses in Australia’s’ two party duopoly need to be put out to pasture and should be encouraging younger woman to take their roles,’’ she said.

“Why is this debate still on the table when women represent more than 50% of the Australian population?

“Sadly it appears there is a long way to go before we are rid of male-dominated politics, resting on deeply engrained misogynistic values,’’ Ms Sackley said.