Media release

Emergency action needed for emergency situation: Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer said it was a matter of urgency for Adelaide to be equipped with extracorporeal life support machines to bring it in line with other Australian capital cities.

“Adelaide children are equally important as all Australian children, every other capital city has these machines,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer has offered to buy five of the life support machines for Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital after a cluster of baby deaths due to a lack of access to cardiac facilities, a move rejected by SA Premier Steven Marshall.

“It’s a medical emergency I think we need emergency action,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Politicians are too reliant on the advice of professionals and need to make decisions that are in the best interest of the people they represent.

“In this case, professionals in other states have already advised on the use of these machines, where they are currently operational and saving lives,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“A start needs to be made to end needless deaths, family anguish and suffering,’’ he said.