Media release

Don’t be conned by Condren

Clive Palmer has warned voters not to be conned by Patrick Condren, the former Queensland journalist who is chasing a new career as a politician.

“Patrick Condren can’t get back into media, so now seeks to take ratepayer funds as the Labor candidate for Brisbane Lord Mayor.

“If successful, it is guaranteed rates will increase to pay for the sweeping changes he and Labor propose.

“Many who I have spoken to believe he will need to bring in new policies for dealing with harassment in council, coming from a hardened news-mentality background.

“I’m sure we will get used to seeing him front every news event, as he longs for the limelight he once enjoyed.

“The current Mayor has worked hard for the city and should be given an opportunity to build on what has already been achieved.

“We all remember why Australia rejected Shifty Shorten, now we need to reject Mr Condren,’’ Mr Palmer said.