Media release

Clive Palmer will open the borders: Dowling

Leader of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Greg Dowling, said the Queensland borders would be opened as a result of the High Court Challenge being led by Clive Palmer.

“Labor has destroyed industry and robbed our children of future prosperity,’’ Mr Dowling said.

“The economy is teetering on a knife’s edge and our people are in mass unemployment. Our tourism industry has been decimated.

“I will leave no stone unturned when I am elected to represent the people of Townsville and get the economy moving again.

“I will need the community’s support on election day to end more destruction by Labor, together we can stop the death tax and open up the borders,’’ Mr Dowling said.

“Under Labor we have seen the debt blow out to $120 billion from $60 billion in just four years.

“We need a new deal for Queensland based on enterprise. Only Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party can cut the red tape, stimulate the economy and open the borders.

“In fact, we are the only party campaigning around re-opening the borders.

“Many of our children don’t feel like they have a future for themselves, that’s why we have to give Labor the boot,’’ Mr Dowling said.