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Clive Palmer & Tucker Carlson join forces for Australian Freedom Conferences

Clive Palmer has announced details for a series of Australia-wide Freedom Conferences featuring American political commentator Tucker Carlson.

Presented by Mineralogy, The Australian Freedom Conferences with Tucker Carlson and Clive Palmer will visit Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne from June 21 to July 1, with tickets available through Ticketek.

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Mr Palmer said the tour will focus on waking up Australia and encouraging people to join the fight to protect the future for themselves and their families.

“I am very pleased to be bringing Tucker Carlson to Australia,” Mr Palmer said.

“Through his Tucker Carlson Network and other hosting roles with some of the world’s largest news outlets, Tucker has long advocated that news coverage in the west can be wrongly used as a tool of repression and control,” Mr Palmer said.

“He believes democracy cannot function properly in a society such as this and the only solution to ending the propaganda spiral was by telling the truth about things that matter without fear.

“I’m a proud that Australia will have the opportunity to hear from Tucker and our other esteemed guest speakers first hand through this upcoming national tour,” Mr Palmer said.

Tucker Carlson is looking forward teaming up with Clive Palmer in what will be his first visit to Australia.

Carlson said, “I’ve admired Australia all my life and watched carefully from across the world as its government became authoritarian during the COVID insanity. I could hardly believe it. I still can’t. I know many Australians feel the same way, and I’m excited to meet them.”

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The Australian Freedom Conferences follow the sold-out, nation-wide speaking tour featuring world renowned COVID doctors in 2023, also facilitated by Mr Palmer.

Audiences around the country responded strongly to the leading medical experts, assisting the understanding of the COVID vaccines and their side effects, with tens of thousands of tickets sold.

In February, Mr Palmer set a worldwide precedent after funding a successful challenge to Queensland’s vaccination mandates imposed on police, ambulance and other frontline workers.

The State’s Supreme Court found the workers were unlawfully directed to receive vaccines or face termination of employment.



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Video: CLICK HERE to watch Tucker Carlson’s video