Nathan Scaglione

Candidate for MENZIES

[email protected]

UAP welcomes Nathan Scaglione as their candidate in Menzies

Nathan is a 38-year-old builder from Melbourne, living in Templestowe with his wife Melanie and two children. He is the owner of a successful boutique building company and is Australian-born to Italian parents.

Nathan’s Grandparents left everything in Italy and came to Australia seeking a better life for their children and to live the Australian dream (opportunity, freedom and security). He says: “Unfortunately it seems this is dwindling away; they are heartbroken at how we are currently living.”

“I have grown more and more concerned about the direction my country is heading – this not the Australia I want to raise my children in. The narratives being pushed by the Liberal and Labor parties concern me greatly,” he said.

Nathan says: “I will stand up for what I believe in. I owe it to my grandparents and my children to do something about it. Running as an MP in Menzies is exactly how I want to make a change.”