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Big win over Big Pharma for Senator Babet

Vaccine indemnity to be investigated

Today was a milestone for the United Australia Party. Senator Ralph Babet has successfully introduced and then referred to committee his Vaccine Indemnity Bill (The Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Amendment Bill 2023).

Watch | Senator Babet Speech on Vaccine Indemnity Bill

This bill fulfils a key promise the United Australia Party took to the 2022 Federal Election – that being to hold vaccine companies to account.

The bill seeks to prevent the Commonwealth from granting future indemnity to Big Pharma in relation to the supply and use of vaccines.

Currently, if a person is injured after receiving a Covid-19 vaccination then the liability for that injury rests with the Australian taxpayer. The vaccine companies make all the profit but share none of the risk.

As an example, if someone purchases a car, and that car is faulty, resulting in a car accident and injury, who should pay? Should it be you the taxpayer or the manufacturer of that car? It should be the manufacturer of course.

Simply put, Big Pharma must pay for vaccine injuries by way of compensation rather than Australian taxpayers.

Senator Babet has successfully petitioned the Senate to refer the bill to a parliamentary committee for thorough scrutiny and consideration. The committee process will allow for public submissions to be made that go on to form part of the report to be tabled in the Senate.

This is a huge win for the United Australia Party and the Australian public. We will provide details on where and how you can have your say in due course.