Media release

Be truthful Adam Bandt, you copied our work

Chairman of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, has accused The Greens of ripping off United Australia Party policy to ease the housing crisis.

Mr Palmer said the Greens’ plan to introduce a bill to stop interest rate rises was straight out of the United Australia Party playbook.

A three percent, five-year cap on mortgage rates was the centrepiece of the United Australia Party’s Federal Election campaign, promoted extensively through the press media, on Google, YouTube, TV ads and billboards around Australia, and was the subject of Mr Palmer’s National Press Club address in April 2022.

“Be truthful Adam, you copied our great idea,” Mr Palmer said.

“It’s a fantastic policy but be real about it, you are stealing it and dressing it up as your own,” he said.

“At the time, The Greens thought it was a ludicrous idea, now they are copying it.”

The Greens have announced this policy on the back of the big banks recording record profits and property investors pocketing billions in tax concessions.