Australian political system in chaos

Media Release

Palmer United Party Federal Leader Clive Palmer yesterday accused the Liberal and Labor parties of reducing the Federal Parliament to a circus.

“Both of these parties are so removed from reality and the real interests of the Australian people it is disgusting,” Mr Palmer said.

“Tony Abbott’s record shows that 87 per cent of the time in Parliament he votes the same as Labor yet he’s claiming to offer a real alternative.

“The real power broker of the Labor Party Bill Shorten, who knifed Kevin Rudd and installed Gillard in 2010, has now knifed Gillard and installed Rudd.

“Mr Shorten is the de facto Prime Minister of this country who just changes one fake smiley face as the bogus leader of the party for another.”

“Meanwhile, the Liberal Party has been very excited rushing out and booking an advertising agency to do a new campaign with Labor people stabbing each other in the back using images from 2010 and right up until now. But who is focussing on the real needs of this country?

“Bill Shorten is too busy phoning union leaders and telling them everything is okay and once Rudd is elected they can stab him again and put Shorten in place as Prime Minister.”

“With all this running around they have both forgotten about Australia and Australians. People of regional areas, major cities like Elizabeth and Geelong, regions such as the Hunter Valley, Gippsland and the LaTrobe Valley are just being decimated because they have been forgotten.

“The Liberal Party apparatchiks and lobbyists are jubilant as they applaud Abbott’s plan to cut $75 billion from the next budget and return the country to the black.

“But the people who are really scared about this are the sick, the pensioners, the homeless, and the people who struggle to protect themselves in the daily struggle of increasing prices.

“The optimism of people to create wealth for themselves is gone. Australia was once considered the lucky country but that is a far cry from today. The solution is to have a government for all and unite all by bringing a Palmer United Party government into power.”