Media release

Anthony Fels returns to politics with United Australia Party

The United Australia Party has endorsed former WA parliamentarian Honourable Anthony Fels as its candidate for the lower house seat of O’Connor, Federal Leader Clive Palmer announced today.

Returning with renewed vigour after a 10 year break from politics, Mr Fels was Liberal Shadow Minister for Fair Trading and the Midwest, later becoming an Independent Upper House MP.

Born and raised in Esperance, he also worked as a manager with the Primary Industry Bank of Australia looking after the O’Connor region and Esperance. Mr Fels has been a long-time advocate for honest and open government with a proven track record in representing regional businesses and the people of O’Connor.

He has experienced first-hand the ups and downs of agriculture, particularly wool cycles, wheat quotas, new land development in the 1960s and 1970s plus financial crunches with banks squeezing already struggling small businesses.

Mr Fels raised a young family as a single parent and is a keen supporter of small business, farming, free enterprise, and the freedom to choose. He is particularly proud of Halo – Helping All Little Ones – an organization he helped to establish to raise awareness of the many issues to which children are vulnerable.

“I proudly support the United Australia Party as the foundation of the Menzies Liberal Party before the recent fiascos and demise of the Liberals since John Howard.

“I will strive for Western Australia to get a permanent and fair share of the GST and stop the Canberra rip-off,’’ he said.