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WA hospital crisis a result of vaccine: Palmer

Western Australia’s hospital crisis is a result of mandatory vaccinations according to United Australia Party Chairman Clive Palmer.

“WA hospitals aren’t coping with patient levels and Premier Mark McGowan says he’s not sure why,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The State’s health system is being inundated by patients with symptoms he can’t explain at a time he has accelerated his vaccine role out.

“There isn’t a COVID problem in WA and nothing else has changed so he needs to recognise the system failure of hospitals is a result of vaccines.

“The Premier knows we don’t have the required one, three or five-year safety data for the use of this vaccine on humans or animals, and there has been no testing on pregnant women,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The rate of hospitalisations in WA is unprecedented. I call on the Prime Minister and all Premiers to stop mandatory vaccinations.

“How can they allow the forced rollout of a vaccine on the Australian public without safety data.  Do these politicians not remember the tragedies of Thalidomide, developed in the 1950s by German pharmaceutical company Grunenthal?

“The side effects resulted and thousands of cases of severe birth defects, miscarriages and other health problems.

“The Government is treating its citizens as guineapigs for the benefit of profits to large pharmaceutical companies who have been exempted of any future damages

“Australians can’t trust the Liberals, Labor or Greens again,’’ Mr Palmer said.