Voters can break the stranglehold of major parties: Dio Wang

Media release

Palmer United Party Senator Dio Wang has thrown his support behind Palmer United Party independent candidate for Charlestown, Suellen Wrightson, and called on the people of the region to break the stranglehold of the big parties at the upcoming by-election on October 25.

Senator Wang declared the by-election is an opportunity for all voters to deliver a strong message to government at both state and federal level that career politicians who are all talk and no action are no longer accepted by the community.

“Over the last 18 months there has been a tangible change in the attitude of voters,” Senator Wang said.

“An increasing number of voters are growing more and more frustrated and fed-up with career politicians who promise much and deliver little once they are elected.

“This by-election presents a real opportunity for the community in Charlestown to show the government what they think of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) revelations and that corruption and complacency is no longer acceptable in our politicians.

“I know Suellen Wrightson is a person of high integrity and values who will truly represent the best interests of the people of Charlestown.

“Already in the Senate, the Palmer United senators have proved what a vital role smaller parties and individuals can play in ‘keeping the government honest’.

“I have every confidence that Suellen Wrightson will deliver for the people of Charlestown,” Senator Wang declared.