Tony Abbott our Claytons PM: Clive Palmer

Media release

Tony Abbott is a “Claytons” Prime Minister whose lack of vision is robbing Australians of the future they deserve, according to the federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer.

“Australia’s economic outlook remains miserable under Tony Abbott who is not visible to the Australian people and has no clear vision for our future,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“He makes policy on the run and we are all floundering from the lack of a carefully made plan for our economic future.

“For Australia to properly succeed, the investment community needs a clear understanding of what Tony Abbott’s vision for this country is.

“Unfortunately this vision is not being articulated and it is having a major impact on our economy.”

Mr Palmer said Tony Abbott’s days as Prime Minister were numbered unless he started leading the way.

“He needs a clear vision so Australians can rally behind him and support him otherwise we will all feel like we are on a rudderless ship,’’ he said.