Ted O’Brien Politicizing Plight of Dairy Farmers: Clive Palmer

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

The Member for Fairfax and Palmer United Party federal leader, Clive Palmer, said Ted O’Brien needs to stop using the local dairy farming industry as a political platform.

Mr Palmer said Ted O’Brien should check Hansard and see where Liberal stood when it came to voting on supporting dairy farmers.

“I supported Australia’s dairy farmers in parliament with a supportive vote for fair price for milk, unlike all Liberal and Labor politicians,” Mr Palmer said.

“In addition to this support, the Palmer United Party’s vote that removed the carbon tax helped dairy farmers by easing the pressure of additional and unnecessary costs.

“Ted O’Brien should not be using a struggling local industry as a political platform and I would encourage Ted and his family to drink more milk to support the local dairy industry just as I encourage milk to be drank at local schools.”

Mr Palmer said earlier this week he attended an Australian Dairy Industry Council event in Canberra.

“I spoke with the CEOs of the dairy industry groups about how we can provide better support for the industry,” he said.

“The price of milk has been forced lower by major retailers who are using their size and dominant position to destroy the livelihoods of local milk producers who are struggling to earn a living.

“It is destroying local communities like Kenilworth, where people rely on the dairy industry for work; I am committed to working to protect our farming and dairy industries and make sure that Australian produce can remain viable for farmers and retailers.”

Mr Palmer said he would call upon Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and ministers to address the issue to stop major retailers paying less than the cost of production for retailers.