Tax on caravan-dwellers a blatant money grab: Palmer

Media release

Federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, said today that any move by the Abbott government to introduce GST on rents paid in moveable home communities would hurt those who could least afford it.

Mr Palmer said he would be against any plans to impose an extra cost burden on communities which were already feeling the squeeze of increasing cost of living pressures.

“People in these communities, made up of many over 50s who are looking to make every cent count, can ill-afford to be slugged an extra 10% in taxes on their rent,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“This is a blatant money grab.”

The Australian Tax Office recently introduced a draft ruling that people living in mobile homes should for the first time pay GST on the rent of long term sites and land, despite the Coalition promising not to increase the GST at the last election.

“If the Federal Government proceeds down this path it is a real slap in the face for Aussie battlers and our senior citizens who have given so much to this country.

“Unfortunately it looks like the Liberals are picking up where Labor left off and raising taxes as a solution to everything.

“The Australian taxpayers, particularly the elderly, should not be relied upon to pay for the economic incompetence of their leaders,’’ Mr Palmer said.