Sunshine Coast jobless figures a disgrace

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has taken aim at both the state and federal governments over the rising unemployment rate on the Sunshine Coast.

Recently released figures from the Department of Employment show the Sunshine Coast’s jobless figure to be 7.7% in June, way above the national average of 6% and the Queensland rate of 6.3%.

In short, it means there are 13,600 people currently out of work in the Sunshine Coast region.

Responding to the troubling figures, Mr Palmer said the problem is two-fold.

“Firstly, we have state and federal governments who are doing nothing to provide the economic growth we need, yet they are happy to throw more jobs on the scrapheap by sacking thousands of public servants.

“Then they penalise those people further with cruel budgets that do nothing but inflict further pain on families who are already struggling,” Mr Palmer said.

“These figures are shameful and both the federal government and Campbell Newman’s state government should be addressing these issues as a matter of urgency.

“Where are the promised jobs? Where is the promised growth? Where is the hope for our younger generation on the Sunshine Coast?

“The Palmer United Party believes in expanding the economy to create jobs and opportunities for people to become more active in the workforce.

“If we simply stay on the same path without changing the approach to problems like these then we will not see more positive outcomes; that much is obvious,” Mr Palmer said.