Street violence at unacceptable levels: Clive Palmer

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has called on Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to take immediate steps to curb street violence.

Mr Palmer said annual reports from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) showed the majority of violent crimes were caused by young males between 19-30 years old who were not members of motorcycle gangs.

“Rather than concentrating on one group in the community such as bikie gangs, Mr Newman needs to look at the full picture,” Mr Palmer said.

“He needs to stop using bikies as a distraction and look at the real underlying problem of violence in this state and enforce the laws as they exist.”

Mr Palmer said police data for the Gold Coast and surrounding areas showed more than 45,455 criminal offences were reported in 2013, including 382 violent assaults in the three months to December 31 alone. Expert analysis has shown that outlaw motorcycle gangs and their associates commit only about 0.9 per cent of overall crime.

Meanwhile, the QPS Annual Statistical Review for 2012 showed there had been an eight per cent increase in the rate of total offences reported state wide. On the Gold Coast there had been a 36 per cent increase in robberies and a 24 per cent increase in weapons offences. The QPS has refused to publish the 2013 Annual Statistical Review.

Mr Palmer said he was not sympathetic to bikie gangs but allowing some groups to commit crimes and get a lesser sentence than bikies only encourages those groups to continue their violent spree.

“Campbell Newman has missed the boat on this issue. He doesn’t understand the real issues of major violence with sick crimes like king hits,” Mr Palmer said.

“King hits need to be stopped immediately. There are lot of families suffering as a result of somebody being king hit and regardless of who does the crime it makes little difference to the victim. Instead of concentrating on a small group in the community who may or may not be responsible, concentrate on all of the individuals in the community committing crimes.

“All people must obey the laws or be convicted on their behaviours or activities. It’s time for Campbell Newman to wake up, act as an adult, and prosecute all offenders equally. Laws must be enforced to sustain efforts against violence across the whole state.”